“If we have no business with the construction of the future or with organizing it for all time, there can still be no doubt about the task confronting us at present: the ruthless criticism of the existing order, ruthless in that it will shrink neither from its own discoveries, nor from conflict with the powers that be.” — Karl Marx

What is Morality?
The world suffers by no means from not enough morality; rather it already has too much of it
Morality and its values – worthless!
Hard work – Frugality – Modesty – Honesty – Altruism – Politeness
Love and the Bourgeois Family
Scene of happiness, psychological terror and mass murder
On the Christian Faith
Oh God!
Two letters that contain a whole nation
Where does racism come from and how does it work?
Why racism thrives in democracy
What is Racism?
Attributing the results of competition to the winners and losers themselves
The Woman Question Today
Recognition of “women's problems” rather than criticism of their reasons
“Fair Trade” – The capitalist world market as a challenge to the consumer's morality
Making the world a better place?
Profit – Good or Bad?
Or not a moral category?
When Decency Becomes Theoretical
“Where would we be if nobody adhered to anything anymore ...?”
Are Duties Rational?
On the irrational idea of wanting to make duties rational
Off with their Heads – No or Sometimes Yes?
The good citizen’s favorite puzzle
Law and Morality Before the Ultimate Questions
Abortion, test tube babies, euthanasia
The Fascination of Evil
Incest drama in Austria
French Workers Don't Put up with Everything
Bossnapping in France
Christmas Fund-Raising Drives
A genre picture of bourgeois class society
“I am happy because ...”
Criticism of Morality
There are no higher values that unite exploiters and exploited!
Could you explain what you mean by truth, science, reason, rationality, & objectivity in the criticism of morality?
Questions from a reader
Are Marxist critics of morality not themselves the biggest moralists?
Asking who has the motive, reason and right to denounce exploitation only denies its reality!
“Taste the Waste” – a film exploring the root causes of world hunger
Is “our throwaway mentality” to blame?
What's going on when “workaholism” is rampant?
News from the market economy
“Work-Life Balance”
New help for the worker “for the maintenance and for the propagation of his race”
The misery of homos and the trouble with them
On our favorite topic of “sexuality and rule” today
VW’s “Dieselgate”
How are the auto industry, the state, and animal testing connected?
Alternative Living
Enthusiastic renunciation – with a difference