“If we have no business with the construction of the future or with organizing it for all time, there can still be no doubt about the task confronting us at present: the ruthless criticism of the existing order, ruthless in that it will shrink neither from its own discoveries, nor from conflict with the powers that be.” — Karl Marx

“v” – The sum of money in capitalism which is the basis for the production, growth and distribution of wealth
Marx’s arguments against wage labor
Labor – Time that pays money
The “working world” neither intends to organize work so as to make it interesting, comfortable and as short as possible, nor does it guarantee a good life
Unemployment: A devastating indictment of a society
Not because people do not find work, but because people need work – although society does not need this work at all
The freedom of bike slaves
News from the world of the precariat
On the “standard of living like never before” of the modern proletariat
Increasing freedom and enjoyment of life?
“Technical progress”
In capitalism, the means of reducing work result in overwork or unemployment for the workers
Modern progress: Working longer and earning less
Why wage sacrifices lead to ever more wage losses
What is a fair wage?
Appearance and reality
Letter: On the wage as a means of living
“You exaggerate the poverty of normal wage earners...”


Unions: Some truths about the representation of the working class
The aim of protecting workers' existence within conditions that constantly bring it into question
Why union “deals” are not about “jobs”
The employees allow themselves to be exploited better – and ask that it may happen in protection of their own interests
French workers don't put up with everything
Bossnapping in France
The strike at AEG
The hardest workers' struggle in decades – for a cushioned fall into unemployment
The woes of the radical union activist
Why do workers always accept the “sellouts” of their unions and keep watching their conditions get worse?

The proletariat

Proletariat – Does that still exist?
Politically emancipated, socially disciplined, globally exploited, nationalistically degraded
The survival of the proletariat
A history of class struggles against and for state power
The “subjective factor”
On the freedom-loving self-confidence of the modern working class
Theses on the character masks of capital, the social classes, and what follows for anti-capitalist politics
Does the concept of class still make sense?