Covid pandemic:That’s not what was meant by “globalization”! Ruthless Criticism

Translated excerpt from “Pandemie I. + Migrantenflut = Doppelkrise So war ‚Globalisierung‘ nicht gemeint!” from GegenStandpunkt 2-20

Covid pandemic:
That’s not what was meant by “globalization”!

It could be so beautiful, the perfect world market: the strongest capitals use the globe for the profit-enhancing organisation of global value chains, for the centralised skimming off of purchasing power for the growth of the capitalist corporate world anticipated on the stock exchanges. And now this: a virus messes everything up.

To be more precise: the human factor is failing its service due to susceptibility to viral pneumonia

A lesson on what matters for the health of a population: the functioning of people as a condition of business; and what is stupid about it: health is not fully under the control of capital, which needs it.

At least something can be done about the negative effects on business: with the financial might of the home countries of the largest and therefore most affected multinationals, but also the many companies dependent on them. So at least capital’s dependence on the fragile nature of its human means of business is somewhat straightened out.

And the human factor itself?